The Attorney Is the Devil (2019)

The Attorney Is the Devil (2019)

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Other name: 悪魔の弁護人〜贖罪の素濟他奏鳴曲 (ソナタ)〜 悪魔の弁護人〜贖罪の素濟他奏鳴曲(ソナタ)〜 Akuma no Bengoshi Akuma no Bengoshi Akuma no Bengonin The Devil's Attorney The Devil's Defense Council Sonata of Atonement - The Lawyer in Hell

Original network: Tokai TV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Hidden Identity, Investigation, Law, Miniseries, Murder, Mystery, Novel


Mikoshiba Reiji is an attorney who will do anything to win with his unscrupulous ability. Kusakabe Yoko is a clerk who gets a job at his office. By accident, Yoko discovers that Mikoshiba committed a heinous crime as a boy. What is the meaning of justice? What is atonement? ~~ Adapted from the novel “The King of the No Return” by Shichiri Nakayama.
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