Be Together (2015)

Be Together (2015)

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Other name: 我只要我們在一起 彆讓我知道你的秘密 别让我知道你的秘密 我只要我们在一起 Bit Yeung Ngoh Ji Do Nei Dik Bei Mat Ngoh Ji Yiu Ngoh Moon Joi Yat Hei Wo Zhi Yao Wo Men Zai Yi Qi Bie Rang Wo Zhi Dao Ni De Mi Mi I Just Want Us To Be Together To Be Together Just Call To Say I Love You

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Romance


Radio anchor Kemin (Kristy ornaments) intelligent and wise, hosts a popular late-night show emotional interaction, provide spiritual assistance to those who are troubled urban white-collar family of love and life. Li Mu (Michael Tong decoration) is a company owner, a successful career, and Kemin live happily together, happy family. Shen wide (Chi Shuai ornaments) decorated Kemin loyal radio listeners, Qin Su (Zhou Lingnan ornaments) is Limu Gong Division staff, they are a university campus came from loving couple, full of campus drip sweet memories . Unexpectedly, Shen wide a radio connection through the phone call, so that "together" slid into the vortex: When the campus love to run into the workplace, whether sweet lover still together? Loving couple met when betrayal is still the perfect couple happy together? Radio songs still echoed over the city, life's long road, giving lovers will love with faith and energy.
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